Arri Lmb 4x5

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What's Included





Carbon fiber body



4×5.65 filter frames



Top French flag + Side Flags



15mm LWS rod adapter



Ф34mm, 114mm, 110mm, 95mm, 80mm clamp attachments



Hard mattes (16-20mm, 24-28mm, 32-35mm, 50-85mm, 85-180mm)


The LMB 4x5 Matte Box 15mm LWS Pro Set from ARRI includes a wide range of lightweight LMB 4x5 matte box components. This most complete of several sets offered by ARRI includes a 15mm lightweight rod support, stationary 2-filter and single-filter stages, one single-filter rotating stage, and five 4 x 5.65" / 4 x 4" combo filter trays. The LMB 4x5 may be top or bottom-mounted using the 15mm LWS console; for clip-on use, a lens clamp adapter must be ordered separately. This configuration of the modular LMB 4x5 matte box also includes a flexible, universal adapter donut that fits a wide variety of lenses from 62-143mm in diameter.

Flare-blocking aids include one top/bottom flag, two side flags, a set of flag holders, and sets of both spherical and anamorphic–formatted mattes. For those up close-and-personal shots, the LMB 4x5 sunshade includes captive screws for easy removal and attachment to its frame. Extended flare protection on the carbon fiber flags includes slide-out wings; the large flag may be positioned at the top or bottom of the matte box depending on your shot.

A combo swing-away/tilt arm module enables easier lens changes by providing access to the lens port without having to slide the matte box off its supporting rods. The tilt function supports filters at a 10° angle, eliminating or reducing unwanted reflections such as car headlights, etc. Use the LMB accessory adapter to attach a 3/8"-16-mountable item such as a focus rangefinder to the LMB 4x5 matte box.


Lightweight 15mm rod support; optional clamp-on lens adapters available separately

One rotating, and two stationary filter stages with a total of five 4 x 5.65"/4 x 4" combo filter frames

Universal rubber donut fits lenses with outside diameters measuring 62-143mm

Carbon fiber top/bottom and side flags; flag holders included for bottom mounting

Swing-away arm for easy lens access; tilt function for eliminating filter reflections

Sets of spherical and anamorphic–formatted mattes included (5 each)

3/8"-16 adapter for mounting an accessory such as a rangefinder to the matte box

Technical Specifications

Attachment Method

Rod Ports
Lens Clamp (via Optional Accessory)

Filter Stages

1x Rotating Stage (4 x 4" / 4 x 5.65")
2x Fixed 2-Filter Stage (4 x 4" / 4 x 5.65")

Lens Compatibility

62 to 143 mm Donut

Rod Standard

15 mm LWS / 60 mm Spacing




1x Top Flag
2x Side Flag


Carbon Fiber, Rubber