Ledgo Bi-color Led Ring Light

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What's Included

Well-suited for beauty lighting, the Bi-Color Flood Shoot-Through LED Ring Light from Ledgo provides a desirable soft, even light quality for close-up work along with the distinct shape to produce ring-shaped catchlight. It has a large 18.3" exterior diameter and its shoot-through design affords a 12"-diameter opening to work within, permitting the use of a range of cameras and lenses. The ring light has a CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 95 to ensure accurate color rendition along with an onboard dimming adjustment and a color temperature control from 3200-5600K to match varying ambient light situations.

Further extending its versatility, this light can be powered by either AC or DC power sources via the included 100-240 VAC adapter or using two optional Sony NP-F-type batteries or other external power sources via a D-tap cable. It is suitable for use in the studio, using the integrated 1/4"-20 mount or the included bracket with 5/8" receptacle, or can also be used as a run-and-gun light via the built-in dual handles and camera mounting plate that supports mounting to 15mm rail systems. Additionally, benefitting its use for social media shooters and those recording with mobile devices, there is a built-in USB charging port to keep your phone or tablet's battery life topped off.

Technical Specifications

Beam Angle 120°
Color Temperature 3200 to 5600K
Color Accuracy Standard CRI 96
Lumens 4373
Photometrics 65 fc / 696 lux at 3.3' / 1 m
17 fc / 185 lux at 6.6' / 2 m
9 fc / 92 lux at 9.9' / 3 m
Expected Lamp Life 50000 Hours
Circular Panel Size 18.31" / 46.5 cm Diameter (Ring)
Fixture Weight 3.53 lb / 1.6 kg