Carpet Light Cl84

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What's Included

                            In addition to such accessories as softboxes, battery adapters and snap grids, Carpetlight — based out of Hamburg, Germany — is offering a selection of uniquely designed LED lights. Housed within a ripstop, dust- and water-repellant nylon outer layer, the wireless diodes lay flat, like a carpet, in a fabric-like design that also has an efficient weight of between only 1-2 grams per square meter. Not only does that make Carpetlights easier to carry than a traditional fixture, but they can be taped up or clipped to pretty much anything, even with Velcro. Or it can be knotted on itself around objects or stuffed into nooks and crannies wherever needed. 

Technical Specifications

  • 2340 x 1255 mm 
  • 2200 g
  • 275 W
  • LEDs 1152
  • 2800K - min. 5600K 
  • CRI 96
  • 3800lx/1m 3feet 17000 lm
  • DMX 2 channels (1. brightness, 2. colour temperature)