Carpet Light Cl44

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We’re always looking for high quality LED lights,  so we’re delighted to add the  CL44 Carpet Light to our range. Using the same technology as the CL42 the Carpetino and the Carpet Light xx , this new larger fixture is sized to fit on a 4×4 frame.Of course, you don’t need to use it that way. It’s light enough at only 1.5 kg, to be taped, hung or moulded anywhere you need reliable, powerful softlight. The CL44 Carpet Light has 1152 LEDs. And, these deliver over 12,500 lumens of power, so bright that many of our clients never use it on 100%!

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature:Bicolour
  • Weight:1.5Kg
  • Dimensions:1235 x 1215mm
  • Manufacturer:Carpetlight
  • Battery Option:Yes - Vlok
  • Silent Operation:Yes