Sky Tracker Lights

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AED 3000 / Day

What's Included


Compared with Mega Colour 2500, Mega Colour 4000A has been improved a lot. It offers not only rich and pure colours via CYM colour mixing system, IP 55 waterproof rating, controllable head movement, but also the shutter, linearly adjustable prism/frost and DMX controlled focus.

Technical Specifications

·      4000W Xeon lamp
·      CYM colour mixing system
·      Parallel beam angle 0° ~ 25° adjustable
·      Linearly adjustable 0-100% prism/frost and DMX controlled focus
·      With the mechanical shutter 0.3~12 F.P.S and electrical shutter 1~17 F.P.S
·      IP55 waterproof rating
·      Overheating protection device
·      Programmable functions
·      Adjustable Pan & Tilt speed, position correction
·      Live display of the board temperature
·      Fan fail protection