Mark2 405 Pro Tripod

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The Manfrotto 058B Aluminum Studio Pro Triaut Tripod Legs is a professional tripod ideal for use with medium format and 4x5" cameras. It features an automatic leg release system which allows for simultaneous or individual release of the leg sections. This system permits the legs to be extended and the tripod leveled (bubble level included) and locked in seconds without the need for individual leg adjustments. Telescoping the legs is achieved by activating the same release.

Designed especially for 35mm and medium format camera shooters who need both speed & precision, theManfrotto 405 is a great three-way head with bubble levels easily seen in two axes no matter the orientation of the camera. Meaty rubberised knobs can either completely disengage the gear mechanism for a quick rough estimate of position or offer the finest exacting placement for even a macro shot. Cranks allow 360 degrees pans and +90 to -30 degrees of frontal or lateral tilt.

Technical Specifications