Panther Tristar Dolly

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Camera movements from a sitting to a standing person are possible without any conversion of the dolly.

The Tristar Dolly realises a central camera position on eye level. Hereby, there is no modification necessary. Neither any additional accessories.

The Tristar Dolly is equipped with a completely new developed 3 stage column system.

This system realises an extremely low starting position. Background is the patented technology of maintenance-free guide rails with its rollers. A system which has proven its durability for over 25 years. The guide rails of the Tristar are placed on the inside of the column for protection.

The Tristar Dolly can be operated from any of the 4 wheels with all three steering options. No further tools like wheel locking bars etc. are needed.

A unique platform system can either be mounted in a low or standard height without tools. This innovation covers any demand. Accessories like Euroadapter can be mounted as well.

Technical Specifications