Panther Vario Jib

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AED 600 / Day

What's Included


Fast, Ergonomic, Perfect
The Vario Jib can be operated manually or electrically.
The ground platform or running board bracket offers enough space for operation.
It can be mounted on any dolly.


Quick And Easy
An ergonomic and easy handling as well as a quick set up facilitate your responsible job on set.
A pan and tilt brake with integrated friction comes with the Vario Jib.
To find the right balance the Vario Jib is fitted with an additional sliding weight.


Versatile And Flexible
Use offset rig for ergonomic camera operation.
The Multi-Rig allows the adjustment of the Euro mount in all possible angles.
The Vario Jib can be combined with existing Panther accessories.
Creativity is everything!

Technical Specifications

Telescopic arms on both sides make the Vario Jib a universal piece of equipment for many shots. With an additional extension the Vario Jib can be extended by 1m.
The max. payload is 80kg / 176lbs., despite its compact design and weight of only 22kg / 48lbs.