Panther Classic Plus

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What's Included

The Panther Classic Plus combines the column and the body as a compact unit. This saves weight. No need to disassemble the dolly for transport. This saves time. Due to lightweight building the complete dolly can be carried without problem. Transport weight of the dolly (body and column) is approx. 90 kg. 45 kg per person. For larger distances a transport cart is available. A new drive technology offers excellent driving speed and driving quality. Especially with low speed. All electrical components are developed as „modules“ to be exchanged easily. The front panel was developed considering ergonomical aspects and is easy to handle. The most important information is available at one sight: voltage, speed and ramps. Programmable position and movement as well as repeatable limits are available.

The Panther Classic Plus´ patented Crab + Steer Shiftbox makes it easy and versatile when moving the dolly. You can change steering mode from 4-wheel (crab) to 2-wheel (steer) by the push of the shift button. The perfect, mathematically calculated elliptical steering sprockets guarantee perfect circular curves without drift, noise or high rolling resistance.

The patented Panther column with special bearings guarantee smooth and maintenance-free driving.

No adjusting necessary due to this special construction of the column.

Gas springs with ball bearings optimize smooth driving and longevity

The column has a non-contact linear distance measuring system. This guarantees 100% measuring accuracy even with bad environmental conditions. Even if plugged off an integrated height scale is available. The dolly electronics offer storable motion- and limit control.

The maintenance-free spindle holder was designed to prevent a deformation even if the column crashes.

The long-lasting technic pays off in low service – even on a long sight.

Covers and a special Gore Tex column protect the dolly from humidity, sand and dirt.

The patented High Low turnstile enables a quick and easy positioning of the camera in each possible position over and near the dolly. The excentrically positioned camera seat offers high ergonomical quality.

The steering rod can be positioned at all four wheel arms. This guarantees exact steering without jerks. The handset can be positioned in the steering wheel. The heat insulated seat can be changed in length and height. The ergonomical High-Low-Turnstile makes the best possible comfort for the cameraman complete.

Enough ground clearance makes practical work easier,. Obstacles like cables or doorsteps can be overcome without problems.

Robust handles facilitate transport. Easy to handle bolts can be fixed in „open“ position for track operation. Special rubbers used for studio and track wheels ensure smooth driving and low running resistance. All single wheels and even the complete combi wheel can be changed quickly and easily due to dove tail connections.

H-wheels offer a robust and efficient braking system. The locking brake for track and studio wheel can be operated by hand or foot. The brake works even on tracks. No problem when using starter ramps.

Batteries with „snap-on“ mechanics supply the dolly with voltage and can be changed quickly and easily. Battery change takes only a second.

The Classic Plus with all its accessories meets your requirements.

All control elements are coloured to be easily recongized and easy to handle. The heat insulated seat is adjustable. The bolts can be fixed in „open“ position and can be adapted to the tracks perfectly – especially in curves.

Technical Specifications




84 cm (33´´)

Min. Width:

53,5 cm (21´´)

Max. Width:

82,5 cm (32.5´´)

Min. height turnstile (center position):

67,5 cm (26.5´´)

Min. height bowl/Mitchell (center pos.):

76 cm (30´´)

Max. Height turnstile (center pos.):

135 cm (53.5´´)

Max. Height bowl/Mitchell (center pos.):

144 cm (57´´)

Track width:

36 cm (14´´)

62 cm (24.5´´)

Wheel base:

75 cm (29.5´´)

62 cm (24.5´´)

Ground clearance:

5 cm (2´´)

Column lift:

100 % (68 cm / 27´´)

Max. Speed:

3.5 sec. (0-100%)

Column lifting force:

250 kg (550 lbs.)