Tempest Clearcom

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Operates in the 2.4GHz band, Tempest2400 is available in a robust 2- or 4-channel system for indoors, outdoors and touring applications.

Tempest2400 offers Multi-Modes of Operations, with each mode providing varying level of communication flexibility and user capacity. Unlimited number of users is possible in Split and Shared Modes. In Normal Mode, up to 10 Base Stations and 5 full-duplex wireless Belt Stations can operate on one system with no frequency coordination required.

The systems maintain the high quality voice audio with the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology and can function in very high ambient noise environments with extremely high audio dynamics range (>94dB). Patented RF architecture allows the system to co-exist with Wi-Fi networks. iSelect On Command Roaming allows users to move from one coverage to another. Base Station features Seamless Roaming, Stage Announce, Unique GPIO Contact Closures, and Remote Talk Kill; Belt Station features Vibrate Call function, Discreet audio path for point-to-point communication, Unique GPO addressing and more. No license fee required.

The all new Tempest2400 Master Belt delivers the power, features and reliability in a portable and compact package.

Technical Specifications




Tempest2400 2-Channel Wireless Intercom System Specifications

RF Frequency:

2400 to 2480 GHz

RF Scheme:


Effective Radiated Power:

100mW using 2dBi antenna

Receiver Sensitivity:

-93 dBm for 10-5 BER

Radio Certification:

FCC Part 15.247 and ETS 300.328 rules, license free

Transmission Range:

Up to 1,000ft (305m); 500 - 900ft (150 - 275m) typical

Audio Dynamic Range:


Audio Frequency Response:

300Hz - 3.8KHz with proprietary audio voice shaping

Base Station Specifications

Intercom Audio Channels:


Full-duplex Belt Stations per Base Station:

5 (in Normal Mode)

Half-duplex, Shared Belt stations per Base Station:


Number of Antenna Ports per Base Stations:


Antenna Connector Type:


Number of Synchronized Base Stations:


Base Station/Belt Station Pairing:


Programming Port:


Stage Announce and GPO Closures:

6 relays via DB15

2-wire Intercom Interface:

2 channels via XLR-3F with XLR-3M loop

2-wire Compatibility:

Clear-Com, RTS and balanced compatible

4-wire/Matrix Connection:

2 ports via RJ-45

Aux Input:

1/4” 3-conductor jack accepts -4 to +8dB, balanced, transformer isolated

Aux Output:

1/4” 3-conductor jack nominal -4 to +8dB, balanced, transformer isolated

Stage Announce Output:

XLR-3M, nominal -4 to +8dB, balanced, transformer isolated

Front Panel Headset:

4-pin male XLR

Microphone Type:

Dynamic or Electret, Auto-Selected


-4o – 122o F (-20o – 50o C)


19 in W x 1.76 in H x 12 in D,(483 mm x 44 mm x 190 mm)


10.5 oz (4.75kg)