Libec Tr 320 Straight And Curve With Dolly

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What's Included

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Libec's portable TR320 Track Rail System includes everything needed to get started doing cine-style dolly shots with your existing tripod and fluid head. The modular extruded aluminum track assembles quickly, may be expanded or reduced as needed, and breaks down easily for storage in the included transport case. The lightweight aluminum dolly is compatible with all Libec tripods, but may also be used with fluid heads directly mounted for extra-low camera perspectives. Angled rubber wheel trucks are self-centering and cushioned to glide over track joints seamlessly and quietly. Naturally, the system includes the iron-clad Libec three-year warranty as well as friendly, accessible technical support.

·      Dolly is compatible with all Libec tripods, and will also support heads directly mounted for extra-low perspectives

·      Tripod feet are attached with secure, fast-mounting neoprene tie-downs

·      Modular track system may be expanded or shortened as needed

The Libec CR-90 Curved Track Rail with Case set is a lightweight aluminum track set that sets up quickly and easily. This set completes a 90 degree turn, and interfaces perfectly with the Libec track system. This Libec EX-160S Track Rail Extension is quick and easy to set up. This lightweight aluminum rail can be your solution for when you need just a bit more track to roll on, or when you have a specific need for a short track layout. This extension is straight, 6' long (1.8 m) and interfaces perfectly with the Libec TR-320 track system.

Technical Specifications





 4 lb (1.8 kg)





6' (1.8 m)