Arri Clm-4 Modular

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What's Included

he CLM-4 is a very quiet lens motor that will drive any standard lens in a smooth and pleasant manner. The modular concept separates motor unit, gear, cable and bracket to make handling and maintenance much easier. The system offers various rod-to-rod mounting options, a Hill Bracket rosette, as well as the standard rod bracket for maximum flexibility on set.


The CLM-4 Motor is compatible to

  • Universal Motor Controller UMC-4
  • Single Motor Controller SMC-1
  • ALEXA Plus
  • ALEXA Plus 4:3
  • ALEXA XT Plus
  • ALEXA SXT Plus
  • ALEXA Studio
  • ALEXA XT Studio
  • ALEXA SXT Studio
  • ALEXA 65
  • ARRICAM, ARRI 416PLUS, ARRI 435 Extreme

Technical Specifications