Kinoflo Imara Kit Im-10

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What's Included





KinoFlo Imara Fixture



True Match® daylight balanced lamps (5500°K)



True Match® tungsten balanced lamp (3200°K)



Carry Case


The Kino Flo Imara S10 DMX Kit - Yoke Mount (120V) is based on the 10x 55W lamp unit that uses optional 55W True Match lamps with a high CRI of 95 which means superior color rendition. The S10 has similar characteristics to the Image series, but with a more concentrated spread of light along both horizontal and vertical axes. The built in ballast not only cuts down on the size of the fixture but offers a higher degree of control with the combination of lamp switching and lamp dimming, making the S10 ideal for the exacting fields of film production, TV broadcast and digital imaging. The S10 comes with a built-in SoftCut reflector, louver (grid) and a gel filter frame. As in other models, the S10 use Kino Flo's True Match high-color-rendering 55W compact lamps (CRI 95) available in tungsten and daylight versions. This yoke mount kit includes the yoke, a Junior (1 1/8") pin and sturdy travel case.

TV Studio Friendly

Lighting directors will appreciate the even field of illumination and high light level along with the integrated DMX lighting controls. The fixtures can be controlled from a lighting desk without the need of conventional dimmer packs. The savings in power make every studio manager mandate for energy conservation readily achievable.

Cinematographers Appreciate the Imara

Cinematographers welcome the Imara to their fold for its compact size and high output. It draws half the amperage of a Kino Flo VistaBeam 600 at about the same effective light output. Its flicker-free operation and voltage controlled electronics offer stable color rendering and take the worry out of shooting at higher camera speeds.

DSLR Friendly

DSLR still photographers who are now working with moving image capture will appreciate the cool operation and high light level in a concentrated, evenly lighted area. The beam spread can be further controlled through the use of honeycomb louvers to create a very cosmetic soft edged spot. Digital image makers will be able to shoot in light conditions normally reserved for strobe lighting applications. As a professional cool light, Imara maintains stable color rendering over as much as a 12-hour shooting period without overheating the set or requiring excessive power.

Softcut Reflector

The Imara S10 DMX utilizes a SoftCut reflector designed to emit a bright, narrow, even spread of soft light. The edges of the beam are distinct. This concentration is useful in TV studios and photographic applications where the subject is localized and the spread of the light is required to be more directed.

Rigging Options

Unique accessory holder brackets are also used to enable for 4 point rope hangs for specialty rigging applications.

Gel Frame

The Gel Frame comes with Gel Clips to fasten the gel to the frame. It fits into the fixture's accessory holder brackets.

Heat Management Design

The physical heat of the lamp or the buildup of heat within the fixture will directly influence the color temperature and lumen performance and lamp life. The Imara's reflector is properly ventilated near the cathodes (hottest spot) of the lamps. The orientation of the lamps (with lamp bases up) keeps the cathodes cool and provides best color temperature stability and best color rendering. Lamps are properly spaced apart to maximize light output from the reflector and minimize heat buildup. Minimizing heat means longer lamp life.

Long Lamp Life

Lamp life of a fluorescent lamp for the television and motion picture industry is determined more by its lumen maintenance than by its actual burn time. All fluorescent lamps display a lumen depreciation curve. This means that over time the light output gradually drops and lowers in color temperature. A lamp may be rated at 10,000 to 20,000 hours but its useful light quality is shorter. It is realistically more in the 2,000 to 2,500 hour range. In a studio environment this adds up to about one full year of optimal continuous use.

DMX Control: Manual Lamp Switching and Dimming

There is an important practical advantage to the long lived lamps, as well. Once a fixture is rigged high up in the studio grid, it can be very difficult to maintain the fixture once the set is built below. As a result, fewer lamp replacements in a hard-to-reach location translate into lower labor costs. By simply mixing True Match lamps in the Imara, lighting designers can produce a range of color temperatures using the remote DMX protocol without sending crew members to change out color gels. The Imara features DMX and manual control of dim levels as well as choice of all lamp or 2-lamp operation. Each Imara DMX fixture has an "Auto Terminate" feature. This automatically senses the last fixture within the DMX chain and will transmit the DMX signals correctly. This new feature reduces the guesswork out of knowing which fixture is the last one that needs to be "Closed" or "Terminated" for proper DMX signals.

Energy Efficiency

As with all Kino Flo products, the Imara is energy efficient compared to conventional studio fixtures. The Imara S10 puts out about same light output as a VistaBeam yet draws only 5.2 amps at 120V AC (2.6A 230V AC). This is especially important when shooting on location or in a TV studio and power availability is an issue. The low power draw is also an advantage when operating on battery inverter power sources.

SoftCut Reflector Design

Tungsten softlights radiate light in a broad field. Flags, cutters, skirts or louvers are needed to concentrate the light into specific areas. With its unique characteristics and SoftCut reflector design, the Imara produces a high output, concentrated, even spread of light on the horizontal and vertical axes. The beam spread can be further controlled through the use of honeycomb louvers to create a very cosmetic soft edged spot. This concentration is useful in TV studios and photographic applications where the subject is localized and the spread of the light is required to be more directed.

Energy Savings Calculations

With the push to reduce fossil fuel consumption, TV studios are looking at cooler, more efficient lighting systems to reduce costs and save energy. One of the most important values is Btu/kWh. A standard incandescent light bulb converts only 11 percent of its electrical input into visible light, while the rest is dissipated directly as heat. Kino Flo fixtures convert most of their energy to visible light and very little to heat. Besides saving money at the light source itself, there are savings in energy costs from cooling the studio environment.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage

120V AC, 50/60Hz



Output Frequency



100 - 5.0%




10x 55W CFL




580 fc @ 4.0' (1.2 m)
165 fc @ 8.0' (2.4 m)
57 fc @ 14' (4.2 m)
4,295 lux @ 4.9' (1.5 m)
1,690 lux @ 8.2' (2.5 m)
689 fc @ 13.1' (4.0 m)


1 1/8" (28 mm) male, Yoke mount


44.5 x 10.5 x 35.5" (113 x 27 x 90 cm)


62 lb (28 kg)