ICON art production, have always been in the forefront of the broadcast business, testing and using the latest technological advances. With the advent of High Definition Television (HDTV), ICON art production is geared to use HDTV to better serve local communities with local programming.

“We’re always exploring new possibilities and new markets that are underserved by local and specialized programming,”. “So much of the television business is yet to be explored. Happy to accept these tasks, our company will be charting new and innovative territories for years to come.”

Sony EX 3   Sony Pmw 350   Canon Mark 3  
Canon Mark 2   Sony PMW 400      
A V Mixer          
Sony MCS 8M (8 CH)   Black Magic 16 CH      
Jib(Crane) & Dolly           
CamMate Jib 25FT   Tringle 40FT   GFM Flatbelt Dolly  
Steadycam   Steadicam      
Online Video Recording           
HD Samurai Blade   Black Magic Recording Sys      
Sony Trimaster   Samsung 22'      
LED Screen & TV          
LED Screen 5x3   LED 60'