Phantom Flex 4k

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What's Included






Phantom Flex4K (PL Mount)



Astrodesign OLED HD-SDI Viewfinder



Sets of 19mm Support Bars



24V Block Batteries



1TB Solid State CineMag IV’s



CineStation to download CineMags



24" HD Cinetal Monitor



Uninterrupted Power Supply





Designed with the cinematographer in mind, the form factor of the Phantom Flex4K adapts to a variety of shooting environments. From the studio to extreme conditions, the Flex4K is built to perform.

At 4K resolution the Flex4K offers super-35mm depth of field. The custom 10-megapixel sensor captures intricate detail with impressive dynamic range and low noise. This means excellent image quality and low-light performance. Intelligent temperature control and advanced mechanical design provides quick to shoot capability with an ultra-stable image.

 Convenient and Intuitive Camera Controls

Controlling the Phantom Flex4K is easier than ever with a full-featured on-camera control interface for both basic and advanced camera operation. Set up universal capture and recording parameters before the shoot, while retaining access to the more commonly adjusted parameters like frame rate and exposure time at the push of a button. Capture, trigger, playback and save controls can be found on both sides of the camera in order to provide a seamless workflow for different shooting environments. Remote control is also possible with a handheld Phantom RCU, which can be connected to the camera via a cable or built-in Bluetooth connection at a distance up to 100 meters.

 Expanded Recording Options Cover All the Bases

The Phantom Flex4K is available with up to 64 Gigabytes of internal RAM. Select “Loop mode” for the fastest high-speed workflow. Loop mode records into the RAM buffer at the camera’s top speeds, then once the camera is triggered the files can be quickly offloaded to an installed Phantom CineMag IV, available in sizes up to 2TB. For longer record times use run/stop (R/S) mode in order to record directly to the CineMag IV at speeds over 100 4K frames-per-second and record for several minutes. This is an excellent option when ultra high-speed is not required. In fact, at 24 fps you can record more than an hour of raw 4K footage directly to a 1TB CineMag IV.

For the first time on a Phantom, the camera can be set to write either raw or compressed files directly to the CineMag. There are benefits to both options. Cine Raw files are uncompressed and maintain the most information for processing. They are compatible with several post processing and color grading systems, or they can be converted to a variety of formats using software provided with the camera. Alternatively, choose to save industry-standard compressed files directly to the CineMag IV. While not as fast of an in-camera workflow as working with raw files, this increases record time and decreases file size, and simplifies the process straight out of the camera. This is a great option when raw files are not required. A third workflow option is recording the HD-SDI video playback with a video-based field recorder. These devices are easy to find and easy to use, and take advantage of the camera’s in-camera video scaling for high-quality 4:4:4 1080p or 4:2:2 4K video via the 2x 3G-SDI outputs.

 Additional Features & Video Output

Camera synchronization and 3D recording is made easier with a single cable connection between cameras. Advanced video monitoring includes 2x 3G HD-SDI outputs, and 1x return, customizable for monitoring with adjustable frame guides, and/or a clean output for use with HD-SDI field recorders. Both HD-SDI outputs support video scaling for a sharp 1080p output of the camera’s full sensor. The 2x 3G-SDI outputs can also be combined to monitor the full resolution on 4K production monitors. Zoom, focus and exposure assist functions are all included.

Technical Specifications

Resolution/Maximum Frame Rates

4096 x 2304 (max res) - 900 fps
4096 x 2160 (4K standard) - 1000 fps
3840 x 2160 (16 x 9) - 1000 fps
1920 x 1080 (16 x 9) - 2000 fps
1280 x 720 (16 x 9)  - 3000 fps

Pixel Size

6.75 micron

Sensor Size

27.7 x 15.5mm

Sensor @ 1080p:

13 x 7.3mm

Lens Mount

PL (standard), Canon EOS, Nikon F/G

Recording Media

Phantom CineMag IV


11.5 x 5.5 x 5.0 in (LxWxH); 
29.2 x 14 x 12.7 cm


13 lbs (5.33 kg)

Power Input

1x 3-pin 24V input (+14-28vdc)

Battery Mount

Integrated standard battery back

12V Power Aux Outputs

1x 2-pin Lemo,
1x 4-pin Hirose for monitor

24V Power Aux Outputs

2x 3-pin Fischer w/ R/S


1x 8-pin Fischer for optional software
operation & file download


1x 5-pin Fischer for RS232 & +12VDC


1x Bluetooth antenna for remote operation (up to 100m)


(2x 4K 4:2:2 or 2K 4:4:4),
1 return, includes Genlock support


1 Fischer: F-sync, Time code in & out, trigger


1 Viewfinder connector