Lightflo 8x4

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Lightflo 8x4 Fixture



Fluorescent Tube



Tungsten Tube



Carry Case



Main Cables


The Anytronics Lightflo 8x4 is a lightweight fluorescent soft light specifically designed for green and blue screen lighting, but versatile enough to be used for other cyclorama and general purpose soft lighting. The eight fluorescent lamps are driven by high-frequency dimming ballasts and configured in two banks of four, the lower of which swivels to permit even lighting of green screens and allow control of the light concentration in a central illumination area. The tightly packed 54W T5 tubes emit a very bright light and make the Lightflo 8x4 an energy efficient light source for studio and location applications. The luminaire has already been used in different European movie productions like “Les Miserables” and “Cloud Atlas”, and has immediately found many fans. Gaffer Paul McGeachan says on lighting Johnny English Reborn: “I used the new LightFlo for some greenscreen scenes on the film as well. I absolutely love that light; I think it’s my favourite fixture at the moment.”

·         Versatile softlight for cyclorama and green screen applications

·         Efficient high output 450W softlight

·         For use with daylight, tungsten, green and blue lamps

·         High frequency ballasts are compatible with filming

·         Swivel section provides variable illumination pattern

·         Easy to rig and handle

·         Swivel yoke on 28mm TV spigot fixing

·         Snap-fix bracket fixing

·         Both DMX and manual control

·         Individual and group DMX addressing reduces DMX footprint

·         DMX inputs protected to DMX-512 A

·         DMX in and through connections on XLR and RJ45

·         Thumb wheel DMX address setting without power connected

·         Cform 16A in and through power connectors

·         Progressive switching or dimming operation

·         Stackable on 20 unit trolley for ease of storage and transport

Technical Specifications




1355mm (W) x 469mm (H) 162mm (D)

Horizontal Mounting

28mm TV spigot

Vertical Mounting

via snap-fix bracket (accessory)

Lamp Type

T5 linear fluorescent  HO 54W x 8 pcs

Ballast Frequency

 50kHz to 100kHz

Dimming Range

1% to 100%

Power Sockets

1 x male 16A CEE17 plug + 1 x female 16A CEE17 socket for daisy chaining up to 8 units

Power Supply

200 to 250V AC 50/60Hz single phase

Maximum Power Consumption


DMX Connectors

1 x male + 1 x female 5pin XLRs + 2 x RJ45 skts

DMX Addressing Address range

1 – 512, set by 3 push button BCD switches